Just finished Walking Dead game. Good lord that ending dragged for like 30minutes too long. I understand they were trying to get emotional but i dont think that can seriously work in a video game. It barely works in movies. All the choices seemed pretty obvious (at least to my personality). You fuck over the group 3 times? you bet im not going to save you. You just shot a group mate for no reason and now your sorry? Lol...your a dumb bitch. Enjoy getting eaten by zombies. Oh killed that guy at the end there? Well if that was me i would be gloating over his corpse saying something like"Looks like i won again!" instead of crying like a baby.

But its funny how overall none of your choices matter in the end anyways. In terms of choice versus ending, its as close to Mass Effect 3 as a game can get. Why wasnt everyone also pissed off about this game? Because the choices were more interesting during the ride? It was worth $10 and it lasted a lot longer than i figured, so thats cool. Dont know what they are going to do with the next "season" though, if they even do one.